Mob Programming, you should have started already

Picture this. Your whole team working on the same task, at the same time, at the same computer. Say what? Yes, when Mobbing* you do not break down work into tasks and then work on them individually. You carry out the team’s tasks serially, the entire team working together, continuously, on one computer, to deliver one task at a time.

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Give your team the base for successful Mobbing* 

Are you also thinking about Mob Programming with a mix of curiosity, skepticism, confidence and fear? Yes, Mob Programming requires some time to get used to. With practice, though, you will discover unexpected benefits. Are you ready to give it a go…?

Great development teams collaborate on almost all their work. Indeed, defining stories, designing, coding, testing, working with customers, and implementing the software. In Mobbing, there is no divide and conquer. You collaborate and conquer

Download Mob Programming - You should have started already to learn how to implement it for your team, including:

  • What is Mob Programming?
  • How does Mob Programming work?
  • Downfalls of Mobbing
  • Benefits of Mobbing
  • Tips to make a success of your Mobbing endeavour
  • How to start Mobbing

In our guide you will read all about our experience in implementing Mob Programming within various organisations. 

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